Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Build: Mjolnir

Commercials can have a strange effect, especially if one is in the target demographic but is otherwise uninterested. The hype regarding Halo 3 is an example. After going to Video Games Live, and hearing and seeing among other music from various games, the music from the Halo series was played, including the preview for part three. While the music was nice, it didn't cause a personal frenzy.

The fall of 2007 passed, and the TV played the commercials for the game often. Cory Doctorow wrote a post at BoingBoing, featuring a detailed Halo costume of the lead game character Master Chief. None of it was having any impact until after the game itself had been released, but some of the ads were still in circulation. Then, for the dozenth time that year, I saw this commercial.

Never mind the game, or the graphics, what really appealed was Master Chief's costume. Recalling the BoingBoing post, I knew such a thing could in fact be built and worn. A new project was born.

The project began by visiting a website devoted to people who build MC costumes, I read the forums, especially the ones devoted to people new to the hobby. The armor is called Mjolnir (pronounced: "Myol-neer"), hence the blog post title. Many people start off with stiff paper, but I chose cardboard due to experience with building with it before, plus having the tools at hand.

When some progress has been made on the armor, itself, I will upload pictures and descriptions, plus information on the construction progress itself.

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